Understanding Why a Qualified Disclaimer Can Be Helpful For New Jersey Estate and Death Tax Claims

 By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. of Hanlon Niemann & Wright, PC., a NJ Estate and Probate Administration Attorney


I use Disclaimers a lot, they are very beneficial.   Most people do not know what a Disclaimer is or how it works.   A Disclaimer is essentially a legal document in which an individual refuses to accept a bequest, inheritance or gift from a person who wishes to leave property to him or her.   Your reaction may be, “why would someone want to do that?”.   The answer is simple; maybe the surviving beneficiary has plenty of their own assets and the tax consequences of having more assets would be disastrous.   Other circumstances involve a lack of interest in receiving the asset or concerns that the nature and quality of the asset does not justify the risk associated with obtaining legal ownership.   For example, if a decedent gifts polluted property to a beneficiary and the beneficiary accepts title, then the beneficiary is obligated for the clean-up of that property under New Jersey and some Federal laws.  Therefore, the beneficiary will not want to become the owner and therefore, must refuse the gift.  Thus, the use of a Disclaimer is important.


Rather than, citing to you portions of the Federal Regulations on Qualified Disclaimers, I am linking you to a Cornell Law Journal so that you can read the entirety of the Federal Regulations.   I know that it is boring but again, it gives you a broad based background on the subject matter and allows you to better evaluate its possible use.


In this blog, I have given you some of the general criteria for a valid Disclaimer.  Read it, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me and we can meet to discuss its potential use for you.

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